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    Message from President

    I would like to thank the Fellows of Pakistan Academy of Sciences for the confidence they have shown in me by electing me once again as President of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences. I would like to thank Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad from whom I have taken over as the President, and I will be seeking his help and guidance as well as those of other past Presidents and Fellows to help me in the task ahead. A number of challenges need to be addressed.

    Firstly, the Academy must serve as a think tank to provide our policy makers with scholarly documents regarding the steps that need to be taken in various critically important sectors such as energy, biotechnology, engineering, water management, etc. This process has already been initiated by me.


    p> Secondly, we need to guide the government so that Pakistan can transition from the trappings of a low value added agricultural economy, with the consequent accompanying poverty, to a knowledge economy. For this, science, technology and innovation have to play a critically important role.


    Thirdly, the Academy should develop strong linkages with science Academies in other countries. Our Academy has signed MoUs of collaboration with many other Academies in the past but these have remained cosmetic with little or no follow-up action. I now plan to activate them, as far as possible, so that joint programmes could be initiated with other Academies in various fields of mutual interest.In these and other such efforts, I will be relying heavily on the guidance and support of the Fellows. I hope that it will be forthcoming, since the work of the Academy reflects the dynamism of its Fellows.

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